• Submission Requirements: Visual Arts Submissions: Please upload a .jpeg or .tiff of the work you wish to enter in the competition. Make sure the image is titled name of the piece. In the “SHORT BIO” field, tell us the medium used to create your art, and the size of the piece. Your submission must be original and created by you. You must be able to present the actual piece for display if it is chosen for the finals.

    Performing Arts Submissions: Submit a video (.mp4) or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video of your actual performance. Give the name of the your performance, the song and artist if applicable. Rap/Spoken Word performances must be original. You must be able to perform live/in person if chosen for the finals.

    If you are unable to submit your image or video now, you can email them to Without this, your application will not be complete. Submissions must be received by the March 15, 2017 deadline.


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